Paper Market Intelligence

Testing the correct paper is vital for launching a printer that will work in todays ever changing marketplace. 

Intersource provide free paper market reports that cover the global paper and media marketplace. 

The reports are split by region and technology and will provide Main brands used in that country, Main weights, Sizes, Finishes (coated/uncoated/Gloss/Silk etc).

Reports are produced in easy to interpretative graphical layout,  often we travel Worldwide and would love the opportunity to present the report to your test teams directly.  Often once we've explained what is happening in the marketplace, we then work closely with our clients to identifying papers and printable medias that should be included in future quality and reliability tests. 

Intersource gathers paper market data in many ways, working closely with mills and merchants around the globe, talking to end users about their needs, purchasing reports, visiting paper/printer conference's.  

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New applications and digital printable media's

Todays marketplace is constantly changing, with the development of new technologies, new applications for papers and printed media are being introduced.  No longer does an end user have the need for costly long runs of lithographic printing, this can now be done in house, in short runs and totally bespoke to their customers requirements.  

These new applications have led to more printable medias coming into the market, providing new challenges to printer manufacturers as they are often coated medias that have never been used through digital printers before.  We can keep you up to date with these changes and ensure when your printers are launched they are fully optimised to run the most recent printable media's.


Bespoke reports

Often there is a need for Bespoke information, machines may be having issues running certain types of media or media's from a certain region, or marketing teams might be looking at moving into new markets and need information on these digital printable medias, we can investigate these areas and provide a tailored report on this segment.


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