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In 2001, it became apparent there was a need for company, that could provide a single source for test papers and throughput products to printer manufacturers when they are developing and quality testing new machines.  

Intersource was formed to provide this service, with over 40 years of knowledge and contacts with mills worldwide, we have built great relationships with many of the leading printer manufacturers, delivering a quality service, allowing them to concentrate on the development of state of the art digital printing machines while saving millions of dollars on inventory and freight costs.

 Working with Development and Quality Assurance, Planning and Procurement teams we provide services to enable them to launch new machines, that have been tested on the most relevant media and using our quality logistics and planning, on time and on budget.   

Since 2001 Intersource have developed working relationships with many printer manufacturers and technology companies including, Xerox, Fuji Xerox, Canon, Brother, Hewlett Packard, HCL, Flextronics, Heidelberg, Panasonic, NexPress, Toshiba, Ricoh and many support companies.

Since the formation, Intersource has developed a business based around cost savings and customer service, providing some customers with savings in excess of 500,000 dollars per annum.


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Our Service      

Paper Market Intelligence

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Printer manufacturers spend millions of dollars developing and quality assuring new digital printers, often overlooked but one of the most important factors is deciding which throughput products should be used in machine testing.

Intersource have built up a wealth of knowledge on what products your customers are running through their digital printers.

We provide tailored reports and up to date information to development, quality and reliability teams ensuring machine test's are implemented and accurate in todays marketplace.

We provide data on the various machine platforms that cover, Ink Jet, Office, Production and Wide Format machines.


Paper Sourcing

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Working with procurement teams within printer manufacturers we provide a single source for all paper and throughput products.

Collaborating with test teams forecasting future needs then schedule delivery's to maintain test plans.  Utilising our local logistic centers and through consolidation of these orders, not only relieves the problems associated with multiple orders but provides large savings on freight and inventory.

We can provide papers from all mills globally with some customers ordering over 500 different specifications of papers


Quality Logistics

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Over the years we have built up a network of logistic centres across the globe in the US, Europe and Asia, these centres are fully environmentally controlled to maintain the paper characteristics needed to get reliable quality test results.

Utilising a single source and local logistics centres for all test materials, has allowed our clients to make sure test plans are maintained, with the added flexibility of local stock without the need for costly air freight.





To provide a quality service to printer manufacturers worldwide, allowing our customers, suppliers, employees and Intersource to grow and be successful while being true to our core values


To maintain being the global leader in supplying these services, by increasing our marketshare by a minimum of 5% per annum.


Great Customer Service, Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, Fun, Entrepreneurial, Innovation, Commitment

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