Logistics and Savings


We work closely with our clients, not only providing a quality service but Drastically reduce costs in supply chain management . 

Intersource have been providing paper and printed media to development quality and reliability departments since 2001, many of the key team have been providing these services for more than 30 years.  We fully understand the ever changing needs of quality testing and the pressures of hitting launch dates, we have built our service to to make sure products are delivered as fast as possible, at the lowest cost and always arriving in perfect condition, throughout this process we keep our clients informed of the progression of orders at all stages.

Intersource Logistics Centre India

Intersource Logistics Centre India

Paper management logistic centres

We have purpose built logistics centres in the UK, Malaysia, India and US to control the smooth delivery of papers and printed media.  


Due to the high temperatures and humidity in Asia these logistic centres are purpose built with full air conditioning and humidity controls, keeping products at below 21c and 55% RH.  High temperatures and humidity has serious consequences to papers and printed media and would result in very unreliable test results when running through today's printers. 

Our logistic centres are all located within free trade zones and have their own custom officers on-site, due to the papers being used for test purposes and not for general resale, they can be stored and dispatched without the need to pay import duties saving as much as 26% in some countries.

Staff within these centres have been trained and understand the strict controls needed for papers to be in perfect condition when used in a test environment.




Supply Chain Management


With the speed new technologies are changing and the flexibility needed to launch new machines, many printer manufacturers rely on airfreight to deal with theses changes.  

Utilising our logistic centres, we've been able to offer a next day service at close to sea freight prices.

To be competitive in today's Marketplace, machine testing needs to be very flexible, tests are often needed at short notice and often increased or decreased during the tests, this leads to many problems for the teams developing these printers.

Some printer manufacturers still work to the old system of ordering from many different suppliers and freighting separately based on each test program needs, this is costly and can often lead to problems, set out below.



  • Increased ORDER Processing (Orders, CUStoms,WarEHOUSE,invoicing and payments 

  • DUe to program changes and no stock locally- Need for very costly air freight

  • redundant stocks most programs over estimate and are left with stock at the end of test

  • Damaged stock, due to shipping individual shipments

  • test delays due to test overuns and no local stock to cover

  • multible shipments and costly airfreights leadings to difficulties in budgeting

  • unreliable test results due to papers not being kept in the correct environmental conditions (Heat and Humidity)

  • increased cost due to shipping small individual shipments rather than consolidation


Our service reduces these problems, giving, not only time savings for our customer and improved service but also gives considerable saving.  Working closely with our customers we out-look future tests and keeping stock locally in environmentally controlled conditions, these services have saved some of our customers millions of dollars over the years.  Shipping in container loads and storing locally has reduced shipping costs greatly, in one of our locations, customers used to air freight goods on a monthly basis, since opening our centre, there has been no requirements for air freight in the last 5 years.


Often more than 25 different programs are drawing from our local centers, this has reduced programme delays due to stock availability, improved test results due to paper being held in the correct conditions, reduced costs through avoiding costly air freights and many separate shipments, also greatly reducing redundant stocks, as any over or under usages are absorbed through the other programmes.


True cost of paper

Often when purchasing paper and media the main focus is just the paper cost, where the true cost of paper is much greater.

Utilising our logistic centres and through stock management we reduce the overall costs dramatically, giving just in time service and near to container pricing.

The graph below shows an example of the true freight costs involved in procuring papers

example of: Freight Cost Comparison

Freight Comparison_Page_1 (2).jpeg
Plane ship and lorry.png